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Cacao Business - Part II - our new "Food Startup" and our new non-alcoholic Cocktail Ingredients

Cacao Business - Part II - our new "Food Startup" and our new non-alcoholic Cocktail Ingredients

I did not see this coming.

On the 22nd of February 2021, I visited the Research & Development Lab of Bösch Boden Spies (BBS) in Hamburg, willing to taste their new Product "Cacao Pulp" - or as I call it "the other and unknown side of Cacao". It has nothing to do with the chocolate side of cacao we know. But it's a fruit puree tasting very unusual like lychee, apples, honey, etc. I mean like really unusual. So hard to describe.

And I was willing to see if this new raw material imported by BBS will work out in cocktails and drinks.

Two months later, I am working myself on stacks of papers. "We" are shortly before founding a new company. A new food startup.

So I did not see that coming just two months ago. Also: I did not see to found this new company with Chloe Merz.

I knew here from several events in the industry. And I knew she is a very creative mind when it comes to drinks and mixology. And I realized she also has fallen in love with the new product, BBS was serving here once on a Creative day at FOOD BOOM Studios in Hamburg.

So we meet via our new Cacao Connection at BBS and while we were meeting for several tasting workshops at BBS LABS we realized that this new raw material is very, very mixable and it "called" Chloe and me to take this raw ingredient diamond and shape it into a Sapphire for Cocktails and people who love drinks.

If you asked me two months ago, if I would enter the non-alcoholic Cocktail Ingredients market, I would have invited you  to a strong Martini and shout "Hell NO!"

But, working with the new ingredients, together with Chloe, but also Kay Schumacher and Christoph Hensel from R&D Team BBS, for several sessions, has also reshaped my ideas on non-alcoholic ingredients. We moved beyond a very strange category where I have never been a fan of: Non-alcoholic "spirits" (HELL NO!)  to something, I call non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients. All-natural. Just fruits and botanicals. No strange story, no secret and mysterious production methods.

And, I have to say: I am VERY PROUD of my second Cacao fruit business.

As some of you know about one year ago I launched my loved DUTCH CACAO liquor, which we created with the Masterminds of DeKuyper in the Netherlands. True masters of distillation and liquors. We released it one week before the first Lockdown in Germany. Wow. That was kind of frustrating.  But looking back, I have to say: I am still thankful and surprised how successful this planed "On-Trade" product became during corona in Home bars and with sophisticated drinkers mixing cocktails "off-trade".

And this April, we follow up with Cacao Business No. 2 - and I cannot wait to serve you a "Cacao whole fruit" drink with both Cacao Projects, next to all the drinks Chloe and me have already tested and fallen in love with.

Honestly: Corona was a very, very hard hit for me and my businesses. Emotional, but also very much financially. So, to be honest, also with this background I did not expect myself two months ago to found a new GmbH and invest some money, time and most important lots of passion here. But, working with BBS made this project surprisingly "easy". The R&D department from BBS offers a "from Idea to Bottle" service. You create the whole product, production, and all the truly complicated process regarding food and laws together with BBS. So, we have a ready product, bottles, packaging and design set up and in the making, first drafts of whole selling and distributions and most of the needed stamps and papers prepared with the professionals of BBS.

Chloes and my little new company "in Gründung" will be soon entering the market and more important our product as well. We expect to sell the first bottles in July 2021. Did I make you curious?


Because: Today Chloe and I will showcase our new product at the BBS Food Innovation camp called WeFood. Future 3.0 (click here for Link) . We will start at 16:00 german time. And if you want to join our Session with BBS CEO Philipp Stradtmann, the creative head behind the "from Idea to bottle" movement at BBS.

You can book free tickets for the Video Conference until 3.00 pm today via the link. And I hope you will do it right now and learn about Chloe and my new non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients.

Also: Please sign up for my newsletter here. I will send out regular posts on my Cacao and other Business and you will not miss any updates on our project. Please, feel free to join us at BBS creative food stage WeFood Future 3.0 today and also learn why we love this feather when we talk about our new CACAO FRUIT Ingredients.

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